Car Parking Charges at Chasewater

Car parking charges at Chasewater Country Park will commence on the 21st of May, when the recently sited parking machines begin working.

Charges will be £1 for 2 hours or £3 for a full day. You will also be able to buy an annual permit for £36 from the Innovation Centre.

Burntwood Action Group have been advised that the money raised from all parking charges will be ring-fenced and reinvested in Chasewater.

If you are a regular user of Chasewater, you will know that the car park at the end of Church Street in Chasetown remains locked for use by all visitors, which causes unnecessary environmental and traffic congestion by forcing our residents to drive an additional 3.5 mile to access Chasewater from the A5.

We strongly suggest you raise this issue with your local elected council member; this car park was built for the use of local residents, as was the connecting footbridge in the picture below. We believe there will be parking problems on local roads if this car park isn’t opened as a matter of urgency.


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Neighbourhood Plan – Make Your Views Known

Thank you to everyone who attended the Burntwood Town Council Neighbourhood Plan event at the Old Mining College in Chasetown and at the library, Sankeys Corner today. For those of you who couldn’t make it, you still have until the 4th of June to view the plan on-line and make your comments. To do this all you have to do is visit and click on Neighbourhood Plan. Here you will see the plan and find a representation form, where you can make your observations, which can be returned to the Council by post or email.

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Following our recent posts regarding the Neighbourhood Plan, which Burntwood Town Council have now finalised and which will be available to view on the 12th of May at Burntwood Library, Sankeys Corner & The Old Mining College Centre at Queen Street, Chasetown, we are pleased to confirm that there will also be an opportunity to view the Lichfield District Council Local Plan at an open event – at Burntwood Library on the 5th of May between 10am and 2pm.

The Local Plan will also be available to view at the District Council House in Lichfield, Lichfield Library and Burntwood Library throughout the consultation period, which is 30th of April to 11th of June.

Just to remind everyone, the Neighbourhood Plan feeds into the Local Plan and the Local Plan feeds into the National Plan.

As with our specific Neighbourhood Plan we would urge as many of you as possible to view the broader Local Plan and to make any views you have, either to attendees at the events of the 5th and 12th of May or via the council websites.

Thanks for your support.

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As we have previously advised the Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by Burntwood Town Council and they are now asking for your comments. We urge you to use this opportunity to view the plan and make your views known during the consultation period, which runs from the 20th of April until the 4th of June.

For more information please refer to the Neighbourhood Plan page on the Town Council’s website.

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Just a reminder that there is still time left for Burntwood residents to record their objections with Lichfield District Council Planing Dept to the planning application for change of use of the Post Office at Sankeys Corner.

We believe that currently there are two active offers to purchase the Post Office and run it as a going concern – we need to help to keep this facility open and your action now could help save this valuable asset for the community.

Click on this link: then click on the view Current Planning Applications button and enter post office as your keyword search. You will then see the link for the change of use planning application from post office to dental surgery, where you can record your comment

Thanks for your support.

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As you may recall from our previous posts there will soon be an opportunity for all residents of Burntwood to view and comment on the Neighbourhood Plan, which has been developed by Burntwood Town Council specifically for our area.

Once agreed, the Neighbourhood Plan is submitted to Lichfield District Council and forms part of the Local Plan, which itself forms part of the National Plan, which sets out the economic, environmental and social priorities in regard to planning for future building, growth and development.

Our Neighbourhood Plan is not just about the protection of green belt in this area. There are many challenges and opportunities for the Burntwood area; we need additional and improved Health Centres for example and we want better amenities for leisure, sport and shopping as well as affordable housing, new business opportunities and efficient use of brownfield sites for new houses.

With this in mind we would urge as many of you as possible to take the opportunity to view the Neighbourhood Plan. The chance to view, discuss and shape your local environment with your local representatives is a fairly new and welcome concept and one which everyone should seriously consider taking advantage of.

How can you view the Neighbourhood Plan?

On the 20th of April the Plan – including maps, together with an objection/comments form will be uploaded on to the Burntwood Town Council website. This is the date that the formal consultation begins – should this date slip for any reason we will let you know.

Once the consultation period begins we will issue a step by step guide explaining how you can record your comments about the plan.

On the 12th of May there will be a drop in event at both the Sankeys Corner Library and the Town Council offices at the former Miners College in Chasetown – there will be officers in attendance to explain the Neighbourhood Plan, answer any questions you may have and note your views and comments, which will then need to be recorded on-line.

On the 4th of June the consultation process will finish.

We are sure that Burntwood Town Council will actively promote this opportunity for everyone to have their say about this all important plan for our area but would ask you to please share this post with as many Burntwood residents that you can – suggest that they follow our Facebook page, or check out our website or follow us on Twitter @BurntwoodAction

Many thanks for your support.

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Burntwood & Hammerwich now have 3 active volunteer speed watch teams who regularly monitor vehicle speeds in various locations throughout our area.

We are pleased to report that when the teams are in action there is a noticeable reduction in vehicle speeds and we would like to extend this success to more areas.

To do this we need more volunteers!

If you, or someone you know, would like to get involved in making our local roads safer, all that you need to do is to take a (maximum) 2 hour training/information course and then be available to join your local speed watch group, as and when you can. Generally most groups give a couple of hours of their time per week, which will positively benefit the community as a whole.

If you are ready to help make our roads safer then please contact one of the volunteer coordinators below:

Chasetown : [email protected]

Hammerwich: [email protected]

Burntwood Green: [email protected]

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As you will be aware Barclays Bank at Sankeys Corner is due to close and there is a plan to change the Post Office next door to a dental surgery.
However we are pleased to report that Burntwood Town Council’s Planning Committee have refused the change of use application for the Post Office based on the need to keep a much needed public amenity open.
We now hope that the Lichfield District Council Planning Committee follow the lead of our councillors and back this decision.
You can help influence the LDC Planning Committee by posting your objection to this proposed change of use on the LDC Planning Application website.
Click on this link and follow the simple instructions:

Thanks for your support.

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Business Start Up?

If you have a business idea or starting up a business, you may be interested in the following support that is available.

For more information on any of the below programmes or if you need help finding a premises for your business, please contact Jonathan Percival, Economic Development Officer for Lichfield District Council. Email: [email protected] Telephone: 01543 308149

Enterprise for Success Programme – For people starting up or young businesses: Support for mentoring, business plans, marketing etc.

The free programme is to encourage new business start-ups and to help young businesses grow and thrive. Experienced business advisors can help with marketing, business plans, accounts and book keeping etc. and have specialised training courses.

This programme can help with:
– 1 to 1 support from qualified advisors
– Business plan preparation and cash flow forecasts
– Specialist training course covering marketing, finance, tax, business planning, e-commerce and PR
– Referral to support organisations and networks
– Support for businesses in their first year of trading.

For more information visit or contact the team – Email: [email protected] or call: 0121 516 0330

Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme – For 18-30 year olds starting a business: Mentoring, courses and financial support.

The free programme offers free ongoing one to one support, mentoring and a low interest loan to help young people between 18-30 years old start a business. The benefits of the programme are that it offers expert advice and guidance on setting up your business, access to funding and free mentoring for up to 2 years once you start running your business.

There are four stages to the programme:
Stage 1: Inspire- Information Session
Stage 2: Explore – Explore Enterprise Centre
Stage 3: Launch – One to One Sessions
Stage 4: Boost – Mentoring and Financial Support

For more information visit:

Growth Hubs – The best contact for finding the right support for your business needs. Including mentoring, grant programmes and funding towards projects or premises etc. Also starting in business, finance, expanding businesses and employment & skills.

Growth Hubs offer national and local support and advice to individuals and businesses in a local area who are starting up or expanding their business. They are in contact with business support providers, who offer mentoring, funding etc. and will be able to direct businesses to support through their helplines.

Lichfield District is supported by 2 Growth Hubs, the Stoke and Staffordshire Growth Hub (, and the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Growth Hub (

Stoke and Staffordshire LEP Growth Hub contact details
Email: businessenqu[email protected] Call: 0300 111 8002

Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP Growth Hub contact details
Email: [email protected] Call: 0800 032 3488

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News Update….

The Neighbourhood Plan, which we are proud to have been heavily involved in producing, was approved at last nights Burntwood Town Council Meeting. There will now be a 6 week Public Consultation; provisionally commencing on the 20th of April. You can view the Plan at Public Open Days at Burntwood Library and the Old Mining College, which are provisionally set for the 12th of May. We will confirm the dates nearer the time and we would ask as many as you as possible to go and have a look at the plans and hopefully support them.

You may also be aware that there are plans to close both Barclays Bank and the Post Office at Sankeys Corner, both important services to our community. Burntwood Town Council confirmed last night that they had requested meetings with both businesses – as yet no dates had been agreed, but they agreed that they would use every endeavour to retain these important services.

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