Phase Two of Campaign to protect Green Belt comes to an end

On Friday 12th May Vic Chamberlain (Burntwood Action Group (BAG) Chairman) presented Ian Pritchard (Lichfield District Council (LDC) Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Growth, Development & Environment) with BAG’s response to LDC’s Consultation on its Local Plan Allocations.

Also pictured are Mike Wilcox (left) Leader of LDC and Jack Gillespie (2nd left) Treasurer of BAG.

A few minutes earlier Ashley Baldwin (photo averse), Spatial Policy & Delivery Manager was presented with:

2330 letters of response from Burntwood residents.

On 9th May (as reported in Lichfield Mercury) representatives of Hammerwich Parish Council and Hammerwich Action Group presented LDC Officers with 1966 response letters from Hammerwich residents.

BAG is now confident that the total 4296 letters of objection to LDC’s Plans to build houses on Burntwood and Hammerwich Green Belt will have a significant effect on the outcome of the Consultation.

A big THANK YOU to all those of you who took the time to complete one of BAG’s response letters or submitted your own response to the Consultation.

Thank you also to those volunteers who did a fantastic job in:

  • delivering and collecting Consultation Response letters.
  • standing outside local stores and schools accosting shoppers, parents and passers-by to complete Response letters.


BAG’s Response to the Consultation contained:

  • The case for preserving all of Burntwood’s Green Belt.
  • Analysis and objections to LDC’s Green Belt Reviews.
  • Analysis and objections to LDC’s Sustainability Appraisal.
  • BAG’s Vision and plans for the Regeneration of Burntwood:


  • Supporting documents


  • Response from Sajid Javid MP to request for information.
  • Press coverage – BAG Public Meeting.
  • Coulter Lane Photos.
  • Staffordshire Ecological Record:
        • Endangered Species Map (sightings 1990 – 2017) 2km radius of Coulter Lane).


  • Species list (sightings 1990 – 2017) 2km radius of Coulter Lane).



Phase 1 ended when LDC Cabinet Members refused to accept BAG’s proposal to remove plans to build on the Green Belt from the Consultation.

Phase 3 We are now into a ‘waiting game’ whilst LDC Officers analyse all the responses to the Consultation but BAG’s work goes on:

  • Preparing our case for the preservation of Burntwood and Hammerwich Green Belt to present at the Inspection Hearings (Phase 4) should LDC choose to submit their Plan for inspection without amending it.
  • Contributing to the Burntwood Town Deal Working Group to move forward with plans for the regeneration of Burntwood, including re-development of brownfield sites to negate any need to build on Burntwood’s Green Belt. BAG urges LDC Leaders and Officers to initiate meetings of the Working Group so that rapid progress can be made towards BAG’s vision becoming a reality.
  • Monitoring the progress of:
    • the re-location of businesses from the Mount Road Industrial Estate to Burntwood Business Park to release land for housing.
    • the development of the blue hoarding site south west of Morrisons for a new health centre and affordable homes.


As indicated, in the reports below, a united Burntwood Town Council and Leaders of LDC have committed themselves to supporting BAG’s plans for the regeneration of Burntwood. Along with the support of thousands of Burntwood residents BAG is confident that its policy of engaging with all interested parties and developing positive, exciting and realistic alternatives to building on the Green Belt will be successful.

Thank you all for your continued support

The BAG Committee

Vic Chamberlain <[email protected]>

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Residents and Politicians unite at Burntwood Action Group Public Meeting

Peter Button [BAG] – Helen Fisher – Cllr Diane Evans – Cllr Ian Pritchard [LDC Cabinet member] – Cllr Mike Wilcox [leader of LDC] – Cllr Sue Woodward – Vic Chamberlain [BAG] -Cllr Doug Pullen- Cllr Brenda Brettell

On Wednesday evening 26th April St Matthews Social Club in Burntwood was packed with residents, a united Burntwood Town Council and representatives of Lichfield District Council.

They came to learn about the plans of Burntwood Action Group (BAG) for an ambitious re-development of Burntwood and to show support for the campaign to oppose the Local Plan of Lichfield District Council (LDC) for housing development on Burntwood’s Green Belt.

The presentation illustrated how Burntwood Town had grown on an ad-hoc basis through infill between four villages and urban sprawl. Little thought had been put into the infrastructure required by such a conurbation, now approaching the size of Lichfield in population. LDC’s Plans, currently out for consultation, do nothing to improve the situation and instead propose further housing sprawl into countryside which is highly valued by Burntwood residents.

The presentation went on to show how, with co-operation between Planners, Councillors, Land Owners, Developers and residents:
• old dilapidated industrial sites could be freed for housing.
• industry could be re-located to the periphery of Burntwood with good road links.
• an attractive, coherent Town Centre could be produced with a new Health Centre, pedestrianised shopping area and adequate parking.
• all the housing planned by LDC could be built on previously used brownfield sites with no incursion into the Green belt.

A lively question and answer session followed when residents expressed their outrage at LDC’s plans to steal more of Burntwood’s Green Belt for housing and show their support for BAG’s proposals. Mike Wilcox, Leader of LDC and Ian Pritchard, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member responsible for the Local Plan, expressed support for BAG’s proposals and indicated that a Working Group of interested parties would be set up to move forward with them.

Residents left the meeting feeling that LDC was now listening to longstanding complaints about how Burntwood had been allowed to develop and confident that BAG’s proposals could lead to a BETTER NOT BIGGER BURNTWOOD.

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Burntwood Action Group Press Release 10/04/17

MP supports “common sense” plans for Burntwood

After seeing a presentation of Burntwood Action Group (BAG)’s plans for the regeneration of Burntwod, Michael Fabricant MP said he was “totally behind a proper plan for Burntwood” and “supportive of Burntwood Action Group (BAG)’s proposals.”

The plans have also been presented to Leaders of Burntwood Town Council and Leaders of the Labour Group and both Groups have indicated their complete support.


Background to BAG’s proposals:

  • The draft Neighbourhood Plan for Burntwood, does little more than mirror the Local Plan of Lichfield District Council (LDC), which now proposes to put 330 houses on Burntwood’s attractive Green Belt.
  • Despite these proposals receiving universal condemnation from Burntwood’s residents and Councillors LDC has insisted on carrying them forward into the current Consultation on its Local Plan Land Allocations document.
  • LDC’s Local Plan Strategy, published in 2012, proposed a new Burntwood Town Centre on land south west of Morrisons on Milestone Way. Despite that site being separated from the current Town Centre at Sankey’s Corner and no interest from developers in submitting plans for its regeneration, LDC insists on retaining it for a new town centre in its Strategy. The site has been hidden behind blue hoarding for many years.
  • Burntwood is the only part of Lichfield District which has regularly met LDC’s targets for new housing despite negligible investment in its infrastructure.


BAG’s proposals have been developed to satisfy four main criteria:

  • All proposals for new housing should contain plans for a large proportion of ‘affordable’ homes.
  • All redundant or dilapidated brownfield sites should be reclaimed for housing before Green Belt is considered.
  • Plans for the redevelopment of Burntwood Town Centre should be realistic and implementable in the foreseeable future.
  • Improvements to Burntwood’s infrastructure are needed to make up for many decades of neglect and should precede or accompany any further housing.


BAG also seeks to persuade LDC that, when all available brownfield sites within Burntwood have been exhausted, they  should look to non-Green Belt land in other parts of the District before planning to destroy more of Burntwood’s Green Belt.


Public Meeting: Wednesday 26th April 7:30 p.m. at St. Matthews Social Club, St Matthews Road:

BAG will present its plans to the public, Burntwood Town Councillors, representatives of Lichfield District Council and Staffordshire County Council and invited members of the press.


The presentation will be visual and will illustrate how, with a bit of imagination, cooperation and joined up thinking, all of these criteria can be met. It will show how:

  • a re-developed  town centre at Sankey’s Corner could be attractive and traffic free.
  • the regenerating of the Town Centre at Sankey’s Corner could release the ‘blue hoarding’ site for a much needed new health centre and affordable housing.
  • the Mount Road Industrial site could accommodate many more than the 96 homes, currently planned and suggest how landowners, leaseholders, planners and developers could be persuaded to work together.


Questions will be welcomed and BAG hopes that everyone will leave the meeting feeling confident that Burntwood can escape the dictates of Lichfield and take control of its own destiny.

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Burntwood Action Group Public Meeting

Wednesday 26th April 7.30 p.m.
St Matthews Social Club

Update on Local Plan Land Allocations Public Consultation

A vision for a “Better not bigger Burntwood”

Please attend our public meeting and see Burntwood Action Group’s Town Plan Vision:

Regeneration of our Town Centre, improvements to infrastructure, affordable housing and the protection of our Green Belt.

Come to see a full presentation of our plans and have all your questions answered.

Our Town Plan Vision is a common sense alternative to the Lichfield District Council (LDC) proposals and we are already receiving very positive feedback from residents and united cross party support from our Burntwood Town Councillors.

The meeting will be attended by Burntwood Town Councillors, representatives from Lichfield District Council and Staffordshire County Council. It is a great opportunity for you to have your say, object to building on Green Belt and to be part of our vision.

Our Consultation Response letters will be available for you to complete. Those of you who have received and completed the letters can return them to us at the Meeting. They will then be forwarded to LDC.

You can also return completed response letters to 10 Farewell Lane

Extra copies can be printed from:

Many thanks to Burntwood’s Town Councillors for pledging to support our campaign and very many thanks to the huge number of Burntwood residents who continue to support us.




This time we will make sure you can hear!

Please address any queries to: Vic Chamberlain, 35 Farewell Lane,  01543 686975 OR Adrian Scattergood, 10 Farewell Lane, 07908226092

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Michael Fabricant MP backs our call for a Better Burntwood, not Bigger.

Thank-you to everyone who has downloaded and printed the response form. Don’t forget, there is a real threat to these Green Belt areas, so do sign and return the resident response letter. Further details can be found here.

Today our plan to build a Better, not Bigger Burntwood, has received backing from Michael Fabricant. Speaking to our very own Peter Button and Lisa Farrington, Mr Fabricant was impressed with our plans to use brownfield sites, protect the greenbelt and help to shape a more successful Burntwood – rather than a much bigger one.

He stated that..

I very much welcomed the meeting with the groups – it was very constructive. I was very impressed with their holistic approach for the area taking into account housing needs, the need to preserve green belt, the use brownfield sites wherever possible, and the creation of a new shopping heart for Burntwood.

The action groups’ plans involve land swaps which could result in the redevelopment of Sankey’s Corner as a major new shopping heart combined with a new road which would enable the part of Cannock Road by the shopping area to be pedestrianised. In turn this would provide a link with the current commercial development planned immediately south of Cannock Road.

Their plans also involve moving the health centre for housing redevelopment and moving it closer to Morrisons. Most of the additional housing required for Burntwood would be provided on existing and disused industrial land.

Read the full report on Lichfield Live.

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The consultation begins. Have your say!

Lichfield District Council’s consultation on Local Plan Allocations began on Monday March 20th. It is important that we make our voice heard on the planning process and proposals for Burntwood.

Full details can be found on and events are being held at halls around Burntwood, Lichfield, Shenstone and beyond.

There is a permanent display at Burntwood library now until the end of the consultation which has a poster, information, allocations and policies plus maps.

Remember that all comments and feedback must have been received before Friday 12 May 2017.

Please print and post the following documents. These have been prepared so that you can give your feedback easily. The consultation period is for 8 weeks and it is very important that residents use our BAG response letter below. We wish to collect and collate the responses centrally to ensure that the number of Action Group responses can be confirmed.

The following Residents Response can be posted or dropped in to…

35 Farewell Lane

Download links…

Everyone over the age of 18 can submit their response.



The Public Consultation on the Lichfield District Council (LDC) Local Plan Land Allocations document starts on Monday 20th March and ends on 12th May.


This document contains plans to build 80 homes between Coulter Lane and the St Matthews estate and 250 homes south of Highfields Road, Chasetown, BOTH IN THE GREEN BELT.


At the LDC Cabinet Meeting on Tuesday 7th March the Hammerwich and Burntwood Councillors made passionate pleas for these proposals to be removed from the document before the public consultation but their motion was defeated by 5 votes to 2.


Burntwood and Hammerwich Action Groups, Burntwood Town Council and Hammerwich Parish Council will now work together, along with thousands of like-minded residents, to make Lichfield District Council change its Plan.


All four organisations believe that LDC Planners have not made sufficient effort to make old, unsightly, dilapidated industrial land available for housing. Instead they have taken the easy option of succumbing to developers’ requests to remove valuable, attractive land out of the Green Belt. If this precedent is established all of the Green Belt surrounding Burntwood will be threatened in the future. Reclaiming previously developed brownfield sites will remove eyesores and allow desperately needed affordable homes to be built.


We believe that most of Burntwood’s residents value our green surroundings and will want to join our campaign to protect it. Equally we believe they want a more attractive Burntwood with the facilities that a settlement the size of Burntwood deserves. Pushing its boundary further into surrounding countryside would only make things worse.


Attached to this document is a letter of response to the Consultation on LDC’s Local Plan Land Allocations document. We urge you to complete it with your address, full name and signature and return it to the volunteer who delivered it (they will provide details of a collection time). Please also add your own comments on the back of the response letter.


Thank you if you have signed the “Protect our Green Belt” petition online or emailed Helen Fisher, Burntwood’s Cabinet member, with your concerns. Now, however, a large number of individual responses to the Consultation will be needed to convince the Inspector of the strength of the case to retain all of Burntwood’s Green Belt.


You can also respond:





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Burntwood Action Group – Press Release

Press release from Burntwood Action Group regarding Lichfield District Council Cabinet Meeting 7th March 2017

“A Better not Bigger Burntwood”

Quoting these words from a concerned Burntwood resident Councillor Helen Fisher ended her impassioned address to the Cabinet of Lichfield District Council at their Meeting on Tuesday evening (7th March).

Following an equally impassioned address from Hammerwich Councillor Doug Pullen, Cllr Fisher was trying to persuade her Cabinet colleagues to modify the Local Plan Land Allocations document before it was put out for public consultation at the end of March.

Councillor Fisher stated that she was representing the views of the many Burntwood residents who had emailed her and the 900 who had signed a “Protect our Green Belt” petition demanding that the Allocations document should not plan to destroy attractive Green Belt sites when dilapidated, underused Brownfield sites, could house all the homes which Burntwood will need in the foreseeable future.

She went on to say “There are many common threads running through the emails I’ve been sent including the obvious infrastructure issues, road condition, traffic & speeding problems, local parking restrictions, lack of shops, worries about school places & traffic issues around schools, wildlife & environment issues, sewerage & drainage problems BUT the one that everyone mentions is that we are being let down by our lack of health care provision. It can take at least 2/3 weeks to get to get a doctor’s appointment and when you do get one some people are missing them because they can’t park!”

When questioned about the efforts made to bring one large Brownfield site forward for housing one of the Planning Officer’s hesitant response made it clear that minimal effort had been made. Residents now assume that Planners have succumbed to pressure from developers and taken the easy option of taking land out of the Green Belt instead.

In response to Councillor Fisher’s question about the number of new homes (1350) planned for Burntwood. Planning Officers stated that they were sticking rigidly to numbers determined in the Local Plan Strategy (2015). They stated that Burntwood, being a sustainable settlement will: “have to accept this number and Green Belt will have to be allocated if enough previously used land cannot be found.” Burntwood Action Group feels that this rigidity is ridiculous when there are many other suitable Brownfield sites throughout Lichfield District which are more sustainable than the site, close to Christ Church, Burntwood, which the Allocations plan proposes to remove from the Green Belt.

Councillor Fisher’s motion to modify the Local Plan Allocations document before putting it out to public consultation was defeated by 5 votes to 2.

Burntwood Action group is now planning how it can best help residents respond to the Consultation at the end of March. It is determined to show that there is sufficient previously used land to accommodate all the houses which Burntwood needs and persuade many thousands of residents to oppose plans to build houses on attractive Green Belt. It feels confident that a huge majority of Burntwood residents want a better not bigger Burntwood.

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Our latest newsletter

Massive support for campaign to protect Burntwood’s Green Belt

A great big THANK YOU to the 265 local residents who showed overwhelming support at our public meeting on Tuesday 31st January.

Also very many thanks to the Burntwood’s Town Councillors who have pledged support for our campaign. The Action Group is non-party political and we are delighted to see such a high degree of cross-party support.

With so many people prepared to give their time and effort and the £520 generously donated we will be able to mount an even bigger campaign than the successful one 9 years ago.

The two threatened areas of Green Belt are at opposite corners of the Burntwood conurbation. Therefore there will be two prongs to our campaign: Ourselves fighting for the land either side of Coulter Lane and the Chasetown arm fighting to retain the Green Belt south of Highfields Road.  Two prongs, one united front.

If you haven’t already done so please email Helen Fisher <[email protected]>, Leader of Burntwood Town Council and Cabinet Member of Lichfield District Council, to say why you don’t want Burntwood to lose any more of its Green Belt. She needs evidence of the strength of our support to present to the Cabinet. Head your email “Burntwood Green Belt.”

Currently we are:

  • working with local landowners and residents to find additional brownfield sites which can be used for housing. Hopefully we can persuade LDC planners to work with us and abandon plans to build on the Green Belt.
  • lobbying all local Councillors serving on Lichfield District Council to forcefully represent our case at forthcoming Council Meetings.
  • preparing for the possibility that the Local Plan Allocations document, to be published at the end of March, will be little changed from the draft and still contain plans for housing on our Green Belt. During the 6-8 week Consultation we aim to get many thousands of Burntwood’s residents to complete a pre-prepared letter of objection to the Plan. A team of volunteers is being assembled to distribute and collect these letters.
  • having large “SAVE OUR GREEN BELT” signs printed. They can be purchased for £7.50 from Vic Chamberlain, 35 Farewell Lane for display at the front of your property.

We also appreciate Peter Harris’s “Protect our Green Belt” petition and those of you who have signed it. However, when the consultation arrives, letters of objection will carry far more weight.

To come:

Tuesday 7th March Lichfield District Council Cabinet Meeting.    Agenda item:

Endorse the Local Plan Allocations for a minimum of six weeks public consultation.”

We look to our two Burntwood Town Councillors in the LDC Cabinet to pressure their Cabinet Colleagues to remove the proposal for housing on Burntwood’s green belt from the consultation.


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Burntwood Action Group Public Meeting – A huge response

Thank you to all who attended the public meeting this evening. Hundreds of concerned residents from across Burntwood, Hammerwich and beyond turned up to show their support.

– You can email Councillor Helen Fisher simply by clicking here. This should open your email client and send to [email protected].

– Your support is crucial to the campaign, and once the consultation begins we will be in touch with letters for you to sign so that we can respond in a strong and coordinated manner.

– If you have anything that can help with the campaign, any suggestions or questions, please do email Vic Chamberlain on [email protected].

– Thank you once again for everyone who attended tonight. We will take your questions and concerns forward as part of the campaign. Please do check back often or sign up to our newsletter with the “Keep up to date” section on the right-side of the site.



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A request to Burntwood Town Council

Following the Burntwood Town Council Meeting on Thursday 26th January, Burntwood Action Group has issued the following..



Madam Chairman, Councillors

Burntwood Action Group, on behalf of the resident of Burntwood, seek Burntwood Town Councils help in preventing Lichfield District Councils planned serious loss of substantial areas of “greenbelt” in Coulter Lane and Highfields Road, to housing.

The LDC Local Plan – July 2012 allocated 1350 homes to be built on “brownfield land” in Burntwood over approximately 20 years.

Unfortunately now the LDC Plan Allocations document [ which is now in the public domain] has identified a shortfall of 694 homes.

This is largely because of the apparent inability to bring forward the planned homes on the brownfield site at Mount Road Industrial Estate.

Burntwood Action Group are fully aware that the LDC Allocation document does not go out for public consultation until the end of March/early April.

However prior to the consultation process commencing, the Allocations Consultation document is to be approved by the LDC Cabinet and the LDC Council

In this respect we believe that our Councillors can make representations at the forthcoming Lichfield District Council Cabinet and at the LDC Council meetings to modified the document prior the commencement of the consultation.

On the grounds that any building on greenbelt is unacceptable as it’s totally against Burntwood Town Council’s stated policy.

This is further reinforced by continued lack of infer-structure in Burntwood.
In particular our local Schools are full to capacity, Our Health Centres are not coping, and our roads are totally inadequate to cater for the current traffic and our Sewage/`drainage systems are operating at capacity.

Further more the proposed building of homes on greenbelt land, will be very detrimental the local fauna & flora, as outlined on Burntwood Action Groups website.

But more importantly any building on “greenbelt its totally against the wishes of Burntwood’s residents

Burntwood Action Group are so concerned with the current threat, that we have requested a meeting with the Leader of the Council and the Chairman of the Planning Committee.

This is in order to ensure they fully understand the implications of the LDC Allocations document and the weight of public feeling to the proposed green belt development.

Burntwood Action Group believe It’s worth noting that 2 of Burntwood Town Councillor make up 25% of the LDC Cabinet and that 14 of our Councillors serve on the Lichfield District Council. This means that Burntwood is well represented at both levels in the District Council to ensure that the wishes of the Burntwood’s residents are properly represented.

Our Councillors should also note, that reports in the National Press are indicating, that Government Ministers are preparing to abandon plans to release greenbelt land for housing

Burntwood Action Group will again be campaigning to save Burntwood’s greenbelt and to that end we have called a public meeting to be held on Tuesday 31st January. It would be nice to be able to advise concerned residence at that meeting that we had the support of Burntwood Town Council and that Councillors have undertaken to be pro-active all levels within the Town and District Councils.

We appeal to our Town Council not to allow Burntwood to sleepwalk into this unwanted significant erosion of our precious greenbelt. If we do, we all will be responsible for loosing a major part of Burntwood’s unique character.

We look forward to confirmation of your support

Thank you.

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