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The Neighbourhood Plan, which we are proud to have been heavily involved in producing, was approved at last nights Burntwood Town Council Meeting. There will now be a 6 week Public Consultation; provisionally commencing on the 20th of April. You can view the Plan at Public Open Days at Burntwood Library and the Old Mining College, which are provisionally set for the 12th of May. We will confirm the dates nearer the time and we would ask as many as you as possible to go and have a look at the plans and hopefully support them.

You may also be aware that there are plans to close both Barclays Bank and the Post Office at Sankeys Corner, both important services to our community. Burntwood Town Council confirmed last night that they had requested meetings with both businesses – as yet no dates had been agreed, but they agreed that they would use every endeavour to retain these important services.

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Chairman Vic Chamberlain gave a report:
• BAG has had a successful year.
• Organised 4000 plus letters urging Lichfield District Council to listen to public opinion re building on Green Belt land in Burntwood.
• Special thanks to BAG Committee and residents of Burntwood for their support
• Subsequently Lichfield District Council changed the Local Plan and Coulter Lane and Highfields Green Belt sites will not be built on.
• BAG continues to monitor potential Brownfield sites and windfall sites – 164 additional houses have been built, that are not counted against Burntwood’s allocation.
• Vital that support for BAG is maintained.
• BAG will further increase its efforts to update the residents of Burntwood on its work.

Further Report by Ken Leadbetter:
• BAG formed over 9 years ago to fight plans to build over 1000 houses on Green Belt land in Burntwood.
• Over those nine years BAG has worked with politicians, planners and developers to look at alternative proposals.
• Currently reached a stage where Lichfield District Council (LDC)’s Local Plan contains no proposals for housing on the Green Belt and plans for all Burntwood’s housing requirements to 2029 to be on Brownfield sites.
• However, the revised Land Allocations section of the Local Plan has to be examined in public and passed by a Government Inspector.
• We are expecting strong objections from developers to try to have their plans to build on Burntwood’s Green belt reinstated.
• LDC will be commissioning a new Green Belt Review and Sustainability Appraisal to inform a complete revision of the Local Plan.
• Greater Birmingham wants to place thousands of its new homes in surrounding districts. It is very likely that Lichfield District will be asked to accommodate a few thousand of those.

Further Report by Peter Button:
• During first phase of the campaign to fight further building on Green Belt BAG spoke to many local residents about what they wanted to achieve.
• Examples of residents suggestions, which have been taken up by BAG and which we proposed as being incorporated into the Neighbourhood Plan include:
• Sankey’s Corner – Consideration given to redesigning the shops i.e. making them smaller and having accommodation above them for first time buyers and young families who would use the shops.
• Blue hoarding site by Morrison’s Supermarket – Public highlighted that Salters Meadow Health Centre is not fit for purpose. If a new medical centre were to be built on blue hoarding site it would release Salters Meadow for redevelopment e.g. sheltered housing.
• Suggestion to have a safe cycle path starting at Chasewater.
• BAG will expand its work to address many of the issues that could improve Burntwood for the benefit of all. The hope is that this will grow into something which is self -sustaining. This will be known as Better Burntwood.

• Barclays Bank at Sankey’s Corner due for closure. A meeting is due to be arranged between Barclays and Burntwood Town Councillors.

Date of next meeting:
• 3rd of April 2018 8pm St Matthews Social Club

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Petition the government to save Green Belt Land

Are you fed up with Developers and Land Speculators trying to destroy our lovely Towns and villages with inappropriate developments that lack infrastructure where nobody wants them on green fields?

Developers and Land speculators actively boast how they can get planning permission, on any unsuitable site on green fields or even the green belt, by using the National Planning Policy Framework against our Councils when they refuse planning permission for their planning applications.

We have had enough of this, so we have created a petition on the Government website, to send a clear message to Parliament that we want this to stop and give our elected Councils and residents the final say where developments go.


Please sign our Petition and support it on your website to send a loud and clear message to Parliament that “We have had enough of this and we want it to stop”.P

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Burntwood Action Group – Annual General Meeting

BAG Chairman, Vic Chamberlain invites all residents of Burntwood and Hammerwich to Attend:

Burntwood Action Group (BAG)’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Tuesday 6th March 8:00 p.m.  at St Matthews Social Club, WS7 9EP

Following BAG’s rapid increase in membership and the necessity to demonstrate that BAG is a bona fide organisation, representing a large proportion of Burntwood’s residents, we adopted a formal constitution last year. It is now a requirement that we hold an annual general meeting (AGM).

This, our first AGM, will focus on strengthening the committee to continue the fight to protect Burntwood’s Green Belt and to pursue its vision for a healthier, more attractive and more sustainable Burntwood.



  • Welcome and introduction by the BAG Chairman.
  • Apologies
  • Chairman’s report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Review of the situation regarding Burntwood’s Green Belt.
  • Review of BAG’s involvement in producing the Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan and the campaign to create a BETTER BURNTWOOD.
  • Election of Officers:
  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman – Green Belt
  • Vice Chairman – BETTER BURNTWOOD
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Publicity Officer
  • IT Consultant / website
  • Membership List and data protection
  • Newsletter distribution
  • Committee Members.
  • Any other business


Please follow this link to see the Burntwood Action Group constitution and this link to download a nomination form

Please return all completed nomination forms to:

Vic Chamberlain, 35 Farewell Lane, Burntwood, WS7 9DW.

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Lichfield District Council Local Plan Allocations – Advice

Advice to residents on Responding to the Consultation

on Lichfield District Council (LDC)’s

Local Plan Allocations Focussed Changes

Following the meeting of representatives of Burntwood Action Group (BAG) and Hammerwich Parish Council with LDC Planning Officers we are delighted to confirm the following:

The total number of new homes (1054) to be built in Burntwood during the Plan Period (2008 – 2019) will be close to the 1050 quoted in the adopted Local Plan Strategy rather than the 1350 in the Draft Allocations document.

All plans for housing development in the Green Belt in LDC’s Draft Local Plan Allocations document have been removed.

The modification of Burntwood’s Green Belt Boundary will only affect the St Matthews Estate and the properties along St Matthews Road and Jones Lane. These properties will be removed from the Green Belt and the new Green Belt Boundary will be drawn tightly around them. All the land surrounding them will remain in the Green Belt. We would have preferred all these properties to remain within the Green Belt but as there is little chance of winning that battle, it has been abandoned.

South of Highfields Road the Green Belt boundary will remain in its current position at the foot of the gardens of the properties.

If, after inspection by a Government Inspector, the Plan remains as above, it should protect Burntwood’s surrounding Green Belt from ‘rogue’ applications for housing development. However, this cannot be guaranteed as the Secretary of State has already overruled the Local Plan and Court rulings to grant planning permission for 750 homes at Curborough. This is why BAG will remain vigilant for as long as it has the support to do so.

In removing plans to build on the Green Belt Lichfield District Councillors and Planning Officers have responded positively to the objections from ourselves, Hammerwich Action Group, Burntwood Town Council and Hammerwich Parish Council and 4000+ residents.

It is now in all our interest to help LDC adopt the revised plan as quickly as possible.

Developers, who had been planning to build on our Green Belt, will doubtless submit objections to the above changes. To counter them we need to demonstrate to the Inspector that the revisions have wide support.

BAG Committee and Burntwood Town Council have already drafted their responses to the Consultation and we would urge all our members and supporters to respond to the Consultation.

LDC Planning Officers are hoping that responses will be on completed representation forms submitted via one of the following:

  • Online through the ‘Consultation Portal’ – – using this method will enable you to register for email alerts for upcoming planning policy consultations;
  • Via Email –to [email protected] ; or
  • Via Post to – Spatial Policy & Delivery Team, District Council House, Frog Lane, Lichfield, WS13 6YZ.

For a simpler and quicker method please follow this link and download the letter which can be completed with your personal details, printed and posted to the address above or dropped off at 35 Farewell Lane for delivery to the LDC Office.

Alternatively, if you want to use the official representation form please follow this link for a partially completed copy which can be completed with your personal details and emailed as an attachment to the above email address. If you prefer it could be printed and posted as above.

Many thanks for your continued support

Vic Chamberlain


[email protected]


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Newsletter January 2018

BAG’s Response to the Consultation on Lichfield District Council (LDC)’s
Revised Local Plan Allocations Document

It is likely that you will have received a letter from LDC inviting you to respond to the Revised Allocations Document. Following a meeting of Burntwood Action Group (BAG)’s Committee and representatives of Hammerwich Action Group, both organisations advise you to DO NOTHING AT THIS STAGE.

Representatives of BAG and Hammerwich Action Group have been invited to meet LDC’s leading Planning Officers on Monday 29th January to discuss our response to the Revised Document. Following that meeting we will be in a much better position to advise you how to respond. There will still be 3 weeks left of the Consultation Period.

The objections from 4000+ residents of Burntwood and Hammerwich, to plans to build 330 homes on Burntwood & Hammerwich’s Green Belt, was a highly significant factor in those plans being removed in the revision of the Allocations Document.
Both Action Groups are delighted with this outcome and endorse the revised document but there are still hurdles to overcome:

  • The Plan has to undergo public examination by a Government Inspector and developers are very likely to pursue arguments for the release of our Green Belt for housing development.
  • To fulfil its statutory duty to cooperate with its neighbours LDC will have to respond to Birmingham’s likely request for Lichfield District to accommodate some of its housing requirement.
  • In anticipation of this request LDC is planning a complete revision of its Local Plan and commissioning a new Green Belt Review and Sustainability Appraisal. Our experience makes us very suspicious of these documents, which can be ‘tailored’ to achieve whatever outcome LDC Planning Officers require.

We have no plans to distribute this information through a printed and delivered newsletter so if you know of any interested parties who cannot access emails please pass it on.

Thank you all for your continued support; we will contact you again after 29th January.

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Lichfield District Council Meeting – Update

At last nights LDC Full Council meeting the revised Local Plan Allocations Publication document was passed with out any opposition. The revised plan removes the two previously allocated greenbelt sites from the housing Allocation, thus maintaining all of Burntwood’s remaining greenbelt.

Thank you all for the wonderful support you have afford BAG through out our campaign.

In the New Year we will be publishing a newsletter detailing what we need to do next to retain our greenbelt, together with improving Burntwood infrastructure and facilities

On behalf of Burntwood Action Group we wish you all a very happy Christmas and a great New Year!

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A Better Burntwood – See you tomorrow!

Don’t forget, tomorrow evening is your chance to show those we elect and the decision makers that it’s time Burntwood got the infrastructure, services and amenities a town this size deserves.

We will also be providing an update on the proposed green belt housing developments at Coulter Lane and Highfields Road.

Come along, have your say on what you think Burntwood needs and together let’s make Burntwood a town to be proud of!

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LDC Cabinet Meeting Today

The revised Land Allocations document will not now be considered at the LDC Cabinet meeting as we previously advised. They will now only be reviewing the “Brownfield Register”, which whilst important, does not have the same significance as the Land Allocations document.

We are currently trying to establish why this item has been removed from the agenda and if this with delay the document being presented at the full LDC Council meeting in late December.

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