We understand that on July the 18th Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet will discuss proposals to transfer the former Greenwood House retirement home, which is on Lichfield Road in Burntwood for use by the Darwin Practice as a doctors surgery.

The facility would also feature a pharmacy.

Cllr Alan White Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for health, care and wellbeing is quoted as saying:
“This proposal, utilising a previously dormant plot of land to provide additional capacity for the local GP practice, means people in Burntwood can look forward to a new, state-of-the-art accessible practice that meets the needs of local people,”

If the proposals are approved, the site would still require planning approval and funding being put in place, but the council says it anticipates the land being leased for 60 years.

Cllr Mark Deaville, Cabinet member for commercial, said: “We always want to make the best use of any land or buildings we have and this is a great example of working with partners to make the best use of a redundant site for the benefit of the local community.”

Whilst on the face of it this may appear to be good news we believe that Cllr White was on the record in 2015 saying that this transfer was imminent.

We can only hope that this time the Staffs County Council Cabinet vote positively and expedite this transfer urgently as this site has been redundant since August 2006, which isn’t actually ‘a great example of working with partners to make the best use of a redundant site for the local community’ as Cllr Mark Deaville is quoted as saying it is.

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Condescending Developers

Followers of our web site will know that the Local Neighbourhood Plan for Burntwood was recently submitted by Burntwood Town Council.

Once submitted objections and responses to the Plan are received from interested parties – including developers – and these responses are reviewed and commented on by BTC.

Over the next few days we will publish relevant excerpts from 4 developers who have responded to the Plan in regard to Green Belt areas surrounding Burntwood.

BTC has responded to these developers explaining that there is no requirement for a Neighbourhood Plan to allocate land for residential development and that this is a matter for the Lichfield District Council Local plan – translated this means that Burntwood Green Belt will be under serious threat once again from residential builders.

In the first of these excerpts below you will see how condescending developers can be – the statement that regenerating and developing the Town Centre will not ensure continued vitality is plainly ridiculous – they want to build yet more houses to ‘create footfall’ to the Town Centre. But we know that our schools are already full, it’s a 3 week wait for a Doctors appointment, the Police Station in Chasetown has closed, access to leisure areas are limited (or locked) and the whole area looks tired and worn out, including the roads, which if the developers get their way will have to carry significantly more traffic.

Please comment on these posts, forward them to anyone you think may be interested and get ready for a battle for our Green Belt and a Better Burntwood.

Excerpt from comments on the Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan by Savills:

‘We consider that regenerating and developing within the town centre alone will not ensure the continued vitality of Burntwood town centre. It is apparent that the current local community is not enough to sustain the existing town centre and therefore more residents are required to ensure its success. Therefore, we propose that further residential development should be encouraged within the Neighbourhood Plan in order to expand the local community and seek to increase the footfall of visitors to the town to use the existing and proposed shops and services being sought.
Unlike greenfield sites, in most cases brownfield sites (particularly those which have been used for employment uses) have significant build costs related to demolition and ground conditions works which usually means that their viability can be affected meaning potentially reduced Section 106 contributions towards obligations such as affordable housing or community facilities. Due to viability reasons, we consider that the limited brownfield sites currently proposed for residential development within Burntwood will not provide the investment alone which will be required to rejuvenate the town centre nor will their scale mean that they will generate to scale of residents required to sustain any new retail, leisure or food and drink uses which may be developed’

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Thank you for your votes.

A huge thank you to everyone who voted in our poll, which closed at 10pm tonight regarding funding the Friarsgate development in Lichfield versus funding a redevelopment of Sankeys Corner in Burntwood.
665 people voted, 581 for a Burntwood redevelopment and 84 for Friarsgate. In addition 126 comments were posted, a huge majority of which were overwhelmingly in favour of a Burntwood scheme. 37 people also shared the poll with their friends and colleagues.

We were clearly aware that whilst the poll was running the decision was made at LDC Cabinet level not to further consider fund raising options for Friarsgate, but we felt it worthwhile to continue the vote to measure the depth of feeling about the long term lack of development of facilities and amenities in our area.

We will now formally ensure that Lichfield District Council and Burntwood Town Council are made aware of your votes and comments and we hope they will respond accordingly.

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Burntwood Town Centre v Friarsgate – Vote Now…

You will no doubt have read and heard that Lichfield District Council is currently debating whether or not to spend £49million on the Friarsgate redevelopment project.
If you are a resident or business owner in Burntwood you will also no doubt know how many years the blue hoarding site next to Morrison’s has been awaiting development and how desperately in need of redevelopment the shopping centre at Sankeys Corner is.
Please visit our Facebook page @burntwoodactiongroup and take part in our poll where we are asking: Should LDC spend its £49million on a redevelopment of Friarsgate or on the redevelopment of Burntwood Town Centre?

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Lichfield District Council Local Plan

Please note that Burntwood Action Group BAG yesterday provided a detailed response to the Lichfield District Council Local Plan Review consultation. We will be posting further details of our response over the forthcoming weeks.

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Spot the Difference

We invite you to spot the difference and comment on the two photos below. The top photograph is taken in Beacon Park, Lichfield. The other photograph is taken in Burntwood Park. Both photos were taken this week and on the same day…

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Chase Terrace Post Office

Please be aware that the planning application for a change of use from Post Office & Newsagents to a Dental Surgery at Boora Newsagents, Cannock Road, Chase Terrace, will be decided at the Lichfield District Council’s Planning Committee on the 4th of June, commencing at 6pm.

If you are concerned about the loss of the Post Office facility, which follows on from the loss of banking facilities in the area, you can attend this meeting and make your views known.

If you wish to speak at this meeting you can either complete a simple ‘Having Your Say’ slip – name/address/telephone number only, which is available on the LDC website and make sure it is returned to the council before 2pm on Thursday the 29th of May or email: [email protected] and reserve your place.

Having a Post Office in Chase Terrace is an important facility for the businesses and residents in the area, even if you only attend and do not speak at this meeting you will be letting the LDC Planning Committee know that this planning application should be denied.

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Neighbourhood Plan – Your Opportunity.

As you will know from our previous posts, the closing date for comments on the Neighbourhood Plan for Burntwood is the 4th of June – only 14 days away now.
Burntwood Action Group would recommend that all of our followers submit a representation form, requesting at least two opportunities to be added to the outline Plan:

1. Further work to be carried out to establish an outline ‘aspirational plan’ for Sankeys Corner, which should also include a safe walking and cycleway/ promenade to and from Chasewater.

2. Re-designate the industrial estates at Prospect Road, New Road and Mount Road from industrial to residential use. The business units in this area are generally not fit for purpose and the area would be better served by expanding the industrial centre at Chase Terrace and using the brown field sites above for additional housing.

You can find a representation on the Burntwood Town Council website – look for the Neighbourhood Plan tab at the top of the page, then click on the representation form document.

Simply complete one form for each of the comments above and either email it to: [email protected] or post it to:
John G Brown, Interim Town Clerk, Burntwood Town Council, The Old Mining College Centre, Queen Street, Chasetown, Burntwood, WS7 4QH

Please take the time to complete the forms, forward this post to your friends and neighbours and ask that they do the same. Your contribution will make a big difference to helping forge a Better Burntwood.



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Car Parking Charges at Chasewater

Car parking charges at Chasewater Country Park will commence on the 21st of May, when the recently sited parking machines begin working.

Charges will be £1 for 2 hours or £3 for a full day. You will also be able to buy an annual permit for £36 from the Innovation Centre.

Burntwood Action Group have been advised that the money raised from all parking charges will be ring-fenced and reinvested in Chasewater.

If you are a regular user of Chasewater, you will know that the car park at the end of Church Street in Chasetown remains locked for use by all visitors, which causes unnecessary environmental and traffic congestion by forcing our residents to drive an additional 3.5 mile to access Chasewater from the A5.

We strongly suggest you raise this issue with your local elected council member; this car park was built for the use of local residents, as was the connecting footbridge in the picture below. We believe there will be parking problems on local roads if this car park isn’t opened as a matter of urgency.


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Neighbourhood Plan – Make Your Views Known

Thank you to everyone who attended the Burntwood Town Council Neighbourhood Plan event at the Old Mining College in Chasetown and at the library, Sankeys Corner today. For those of you who couldn’t make it, you still have until the 4th of June to view the plan on-line and make your comments. To do this all you have to do is visit and click on Neighbourhood Plan. Here you will see the plan and find a representation form, where you can make your observations, which can be returned to the Council by post or email.

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