Lichfield District Council Meeting – Update

At last nights LDC Full Council meeting the revised Local Plan Allocations Publication document was passed with out any opposition. The revised plan removes the two previously allocated greenbelt sites from the housing Allocation, thus maintaining all of Burntwood’s remaining greenbelt.

Thank you all for the wonderful support you have afford BAG through out our campaign.

In the New Year we will be publishing a newsletter detailing what we need to do next to retain our greenbelt, together with improving Burntwood infrastructure and facilities

On behalf of Burntwood Action Group we wish you all a very happy Christmas and a great New Year!

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A Better Burntwood – See you tomorrow!

Don’t forget, tomorrow evening is your chance to show those we elect and the decision makers that it’s time Burntwood got the infrastructure, services and amenities a town this size deserves.

We will also be providing an update on the proposed green belt housing developments at Coulter Lane and Highfields Road.

Come along, have your say on what you think Burntwood needs and together let’s make Burntwood a town to be proud of!

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LDC Cabinet Meeting Today

The revised Land Allocations document will not now be considered at the LDC Cabinet meeting as we previously advised. They will now only be reviewing the “Brownfield Register”, which whilst important, does not have the same significance as the Land Allocations document.

We are currently trying to establish why this item has been removed from the agenda and if this with delay the document being presented at the full LDC Council meeting in late December.

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St. Matthews Club Meeting Agenda – Tuesday 17th October @ 8 : 00 pm

Interested parties are welcome tomorrow. Details and agenda below.



Meeting to be held at St. Matthews Club on Tuesday 17th October @ 8 : 00 pm


  • Current Situation
  • Public Meeting – Wednesday 15th November Planning, Content & Delivery

Important dates :

  • LDC Cabinet Meeting Tuesday 7th November – 6pm LDC Conference Room – Bus Station Entrance
  • LDC Full Council Meeting -Tuesday 19th December –
  • 6pm -LDC Council Chamber – Bus Station Entrance

Any other business

Date of next meeting

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A Successful Campaign to Protect Burntwood’s Green Belt???

At Lichfield District Council (LDC) Overview & Scrutiny Committee meeting on Tuesday 19th September the Lead Planning Officer Reported on the result of the Consultation on the Local Plan Land Allocations; he stated that the plan to put 80 homes on the Green Belt off Coulter Lane had been removed from the Plan but the Plan still proposed 375 homes East of Burntwood Bypass.

Unfortunately we misinterpreted that statement and believed that the 375 homes he referred to were the 250 homes planned for the site South of Highfields Road, increased to 375 and re-named East of Burntwood Bypass.

Subsequent questioning of the Planning Officer has revealed that the draft revised Plan removes all proposals to build on Burntwood’s Green Belt.

Sincere apologies to members of Burntwood Action Group (BAG) who were sent an email with the wrong information.

BAG welcomes the proposed changes to the Plan and acknowledges that LDC has listened to the thousands of Burntwood residents who opposed plans to build on the Green Belt.

HOWEVER we are not celebrating yet because:
  • the Draft Revised Plan has to be ratified by LDC Cabinet and Full Council.
  • a revision to the Plan is already scheduled for 2018-19.
  • LDC is under pressure to accommodate some of Birmingham’s housing allocation.
  • until poorly situated Industrial brownfield sites, in the middle of Burntwood’s housing, are re-sited to appropriate sites on the periphery of Burntwood and the land re-allocated to housing our Green belt will continue to be under threat.
Please help us maintain the pressure on the Council by joining us (as spectators) at:
  • LDC Cabinet meeting Tuesday 7th November 6:00 p.m. LDC Offices, Frog Lane, Lichfield.
  • LDC Full Council Meeting Tuesday 19th December 6:00 p.m. LDC Offices
(No commitment other than support of our mission to protect Burntwood’s Green Belt)
BAG Public Meeting 8:00 p.m. Wednesday 15th November  St. Matthews Club
This meeting is planned to:
  • bring Burntwood residents up to date with the current situation.
  • outline what is required to move forward.
  • Inform residents about the Better Burntwood Group and facilitate the formation of a Better Burntwood Committee.
Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan
Based on the outcomes of numerous public consultations Burntwood Town Council commissioned the production of the Plan and representatives of BAG have provided a significant input to the latest draft. It now provides a realistic yet ambitious vision for the future of Burntwood.
The Plan is scheduled to go out for Public Consultation on Saturday 4th November (between 10:00hrs & 14:00hrs) at the Old Mining College, Chasetown and Burntwood Library. Please go along and leave some feedback.
Burntwood Town Deal
This brings together representatives of Lichfield District Council, Staffordshire County Council, Burntwood Town Council, Developers and other interested/influential parties.
BAG’s Chairman attended their meeting on 15th September and is pleased to report that the Group’s objectives are very closely aligned to the wider vision of BAG to:
  1. provide a town centre development which improves the Town’s retail offer.
  2. improve health facilities.
  3. provide the appropriate housing mix for the Town, which allows older people to keep their independence and allows family size properties to be better utilised.
  4. provide better transport links
  5. exploit the opportunities for leisure, health improvement, tourism and business opportunities presented by the close proximity of Chasewater.
From that meeting it was noted that:
  1. the proposed Greenwood House Health Centre is now very close to being signed off – with a forecasted completion date of 2019.
  2. investigations are underway, with an organisation called Back the Track, to convert the disused rail link between Chasewater and Lichfield to a footpath/cycle track. The site of the old Hammerwich Station would be Burntwood’s closest access point.
  3. there is constructive movement to develop the Blue Hoarding site by Morrisons.
Thank you all for your continued support
Vic Chamberlain, BAG Chairman <[email protected]>

Become a member of the Burntwood Action Group to help support our work. Just click here to join.

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Dates for your diary – October and November 2017

Burntwood Action Group regularly meet. You can be part of it!

The Burntwood Action Group committee meeting will be held at St. Matthews Club at 20:00h on Tuesday 17th October 2017. Any members wishing to be more involved will be made very welcome. Please note we have an urgent need for a secretary.

Burntwood Action Groups next public meeting will be held at St. Matthews Club at 20:00hrs on Wednesday 15th November 2017. We will be giving you the up to date position on the housing site identify by Lichfield District Council and the future for Burntwood. Please tell your fiends & neighbours!

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Update on Lichfield District Council (LDC)’s Local Plan

LDC Planning Officers are preparing their report on the responses to the Local Plan Land Allocations Consultation which ended on 12th May.

That report and Officers advice to Lichfield District Council on how to respond to the Consultation will be presented to Councillors on the following dates:

19th September: Presentation to LDC’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee.
7th November: Presentation to LDC’s Cabinet.
19th December: Presentation to full LDC Council.

We wait with great interest to learn how LDC Officers interpret and react to the huge number of objections to their plans to put 330 of Burntwood’s housing allocation on the Green Belt.

What will be even more important is how our elected representatives respond to the advice of their Planning Officers. It is the Councillors who make the final decisions on Planning Policy.

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Become a Burntwood Action Group Member, online.

As mentioned recently we need now to prepare for our representations to the Government Inspector’s Hearings. For this, we’ll need to collect evidence of the opposition support.

If you can’t print our slip, we now also have an online form to fill in. This will add you as a member, and strengthen our argument against the proposals.

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