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Lichfield District Council’s consultation on Local Plan Allocations began on Monday March 20th. It is important that we make our voice heard on the planning process and proposals for Burntwood.

Full details can be found on and events are being held at halls around Burntwood, Lichfield, Shenstone and beyond.

There is a permanent display at Burntwood library now until the end of the consultation which has a poster, information, allocations and policies plus maps.

Remember that all comments and feedback must have been received before Friday 12 May 2017.

Please print and post the following documents. These have been prepared so that you can give your feedback easily. The consultation period is for 8 weeks and it is very important that residents use our BAG response letter below. We wish to collect and collate the responses centrally to ensure that the number of Action Group responses can be confirmed.

The following Residents Response can be posted or dropped in to…

35 Farewell Lane

Download links…

Everyone over the age of 18 can submit their response.



The Public Consultation on the Lichfield District Council (LDC) Local Plan Land Allocations document starts on Monday 20th March and ends on 12th May.


This document contains plans to build 80 homes between Coulter Lane and the St Matthews estate and 250 homes south of Highfields Road, Chasetown, BOTH IN THE GREEN BELT.


At the LDC Cabinet Meeting on Tuesday 7th March the Hammerwich and Burntwood Councillors made passionate pleas for these proposals to be removed from the document before the public consultation but their motion was defeated by 5 votes to 2.


Burntwood and Hammerwich Action Groups, Burntwood Town Council and Hammerwich Parish Council will now work together, along with thousands of like-minded residents, to make Lichfield District Council change its Plan.


All four organisations believe that LDC Planners have not made sufficient effort to make old, unsightly, dilapidated industrial land available for housing. Instead they have taken the easy option of succumbing to developers’ requests to remove valuable, attractive land out of the Green Belt. If this precedent is established all of the Green Belt surrounding Burntwood will be threatened in the future. Reclaiming previously developed brownfield sites will remove eyesores and allow desperately needed affordable homes to be built.


We believe that most of Burntwood’s residents value our green surroundings and will want to join our campaign to protect it. Equally we believe they want a more attractive Burntwood with the facilities that a settlement the size of Burntwood deserves. Pushing its boundary further into surrounding countryside would only make things worse.


Attached to this document is a letter of response to the Consultation on LDC’s Local Plan Land Allocations document. We urge you to complete it with your address, full name and signature and return it to the volunteer who delivered it (they will provide details of a collection time). Please also add your own comments on the back of the response letter.


Thank you if you have signed the “Protect our Green Belt” petition online or emailed Helen Fisher, Burntwood’s Cabinet member, with your concerns. Now, however, a large number of individual responses to the Consultation will be needed to convince the Inspector of the strength of the case to retain all of Burntwood’s Green Belt.


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