Residents and Politicians unite at Burntwood Action Group Public Meeting

Peter Button [BAG] – Helen Fisher – Cllr Diane Evans – Cllr Ian Pritchard [LDC Cabinet member] – Cllr Mike Wilcox [leader of LDC] – Cllr Sue Woodward – Vic Chamberlain [BAG] -Cllr Doug Pullen- Cllr Brenda Brettell

On Wednesday evening 26th April St Matthews Social Club in Burntwood was packed with residents, a united Burntwood Town Council and representatives of Lichfield District Council.

They came to learn about the plans of Burntwood Action Group (BAG) for an ambitious re-development of Burntwood and to show support for the campaign to oppose the Local Plan of Lichfield District Council (LDC) for housing development on Burntwood’s Green Belt.

The presentation illustrated how Burntwood Town had grown on an ad-hoc basis through infill between four villages and urban sprawl. Little thought had been put into the infrastructure required by such a conurbation, now approaching the size of Lichfield in population. LDC’s Plans, currently out for consultation, do nothing to improve the situation and instead propose further housing sprawl into countryside which is highly valued by Burntwood residents.

The presentation went on to show how, with co-operation between Planners, Councillors, Land Owners, Developers and residents:
• old dilapidated industrial sites could be freed for housing.
• industry could be re-located to the periphery of Burntwood with good road links.
• an attractive, coherent Town Centre could be produced with a new Health Centre, pedestrianised shopping area and adequate parking.
• all the housing planned by LDC could be built on previously used brownfield sites with no incursion into the Green belt.

A lively question and answer session followed when residents expressed their outrage at LDC’s plans to steal more of Burntwood’s Green Belt for housing and show their support for BAG’s proposals. Mike Wilcox, Leader of LDC and Ian Pritchard, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member responsible for the Local Plan, expressed support for BAG’s proposals and indicated that a Working Group of interested parties would be set up to move forward with them.

Residents left the meeting feeling that LDC was now listening to longstanding complaints about how Burntwood had been allowed to develop and confident that BAG’s proposals could lead to a BETTER NOT BIGGER BURNTWOOD.


Janet beeston

Im sorry I was unable to attend this meeting but from what I read above I am cautiously optimistic concerning the proposed building on the green belt on Highfield road. I think that you are doing a wonderful l job on behalf of all the residents and hope to be able to attend future meetings.

Nicole Clarke

Was our MP there to show his support ???

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