Newsletter January 2018

BAG’s Response to the Consultation on Lichfield District Council (LDC)’s
Revised Local Plan Allocations Document

It is likely that you will have received a letter from LDC inviting you to respond to the Revised Allocations Document. Following a meeting of Burntwood Action Group (BAG)’s Committee and representatives of Hammerwich Action Group, both organisations advise you to DO NOTHING AT THIS STAGE.

Representatives of BAG and Hammerwich Action Group have been invited to meet LDC’s leading Planning Officers on Monday 29th January to discuss our response to the Revised Document. Following that meeting we will be in a much better position to advise you how to respond. There will still be 3 weeks left of the Consultation Period.

The objections from 4000+ residents of Burntwood and Hammerwich, to plans to build 330 homes on Burntwood & Hammerwich’s Green Belt, was a highly significant factor in those plans being removed in the revision of the Allocations Document.
Both Action Groups are delighted with this outcome and endorse the revised document but there are still hurdles to overcome:

  • The Plan has to undergo public examination by a Government Inspector and developers are very likely to pursue arguments for the release of our Green Belt for housing development.
  • To fulfil its statutory duty to cooperate with its neighbours LDC will have to respond to Birmingham’s likely request for Lichfield District to accommodate some of its housing requirement.
  • In anticipation of this request LDC is planning a complete revision of its Local Plan and commissioning a new Green Belt Review and Sustainability Appraisal. Our experience makes us very suspicious of these documents, which can be ‘tailored’ to achieve whatever outcome LDC Planning Officers require.

We have no plans to distribute this information through a printed and delivered newsletter so if you know of any interested parties who cannot access emails please pass it on.

Thank you all for your continued support; we will contact you again after 29th January.

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