Chairman Vic Chamberlain gave a report:
• BAG has had a successful year.
• Organised 4000 plus letters urging Lichfield District Council to listen to public opinion re building on Green Belt land in Burntwood.
• Special thanks to BAG Committee and residents of Burntwood for their support
• Subsequently Lichfield District Council changed the Local Plan and Coulter Lane and Highfields Green Belt sites will not be built on.
• BAG continues to monitor potential Brownfield sites and windfall sites – 164 additional houses have been built, that are not counted against Burntwood’s allocation.
• Vital that support for BAG is maintained.
• BAG will further increase its efforts to update the residents of Burntwood on its work.

Further Report by Ken Leadbetter:
• BAG formed over 9 years ago to fight plans to build over 1000 houses on Green Belt land in Burntwood.
• Over those nine years BAG has worked with politicians, planners and developers to look at alternative proposals.
• Currently reached a stage where Lichfield District Council (LDC)’s Local Plan contains no proposals for housing on the Green Belt and plans for all Burntwood’s housing requirements to 2029 to be on Brownfield sites.
• However, the revised Land Allocations section of the Local Plan has to be examined in public and passed by a Government Inspector.
• We are expecting strong objections from developers to try to have their plans to build on Burntwood’s Green belt reinstated.
• LDC will be commissioning a new Green Belt Review and Sustainability Appraisal to inform a complete revision of the Local Plan.
• Greater Birmingham wants to place thousands of its new homes in surrounding districts. It is very likely that Lichfield District will be asked to accommodate a few thousand of those.

Further Report by Peter Button:
• During first phase of the campaign to fight further building on Green Belt BAG spoke to many local residents about what they wanted to achieve.
• Examples of residents suggestions, which have been taken up by BAG and which we proposed as being incorporated into the Neighbourhood Plan include:
• Sankey’s Corner – Consideration given to redesigning the shops i.e. making them smaller and having accommodation above them for first time buyers and young families who would use the shops.
• Blue hoarding site by Morrison’s Supermarket – Public highlighted that Salters Meadow Health Centre is not fit for purpose. If a new medical centre were to be built on blue hoarding site it would release Salters Meadow for redevelopment e.g. sheltered housing.
• Suggestion to have a safe cycle path starting at Chasewater.
• BAG will expand its work to address many of the issues that could improve Burntwood for the benefit of all. The hope is that this will grow into something which is self -sustaining. This will be known as Better Burntwood.

• Barclays Bank at Sankey’s Corner due for closure. A meeting is due to be arranged between Barclays and Burntwood Town Councillors.

Date of next meeting:
• 3rd of April 2018 8pm St Matthews Social Club

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