As you may recall from our previous posts there will soon be an opportunity for all residents of Burntwood to view and comment on the Neighbourhood Plan, which has been developed by Burntwood Town Council specifically for our area.

Once agreed, the Neighbourhood Plan is submitted to Lichfield District Council and forms part of the Local Plan, which itself forms part of the National Plan, which sets out the economic, environmental and social priorities in regard to planning for future building, growth and development.

Our Neighbourhood Plan is not just about the protection of green belt in this area. There are many challenges and opportunities for the Burntwood area; we need additional and improved Health Centres for example and we want better amenities for leisure, sport and shopping as well as affordable housing, new business opportunities and efficient use of brownfield sites for new houses.

With this in mind we would urge as many of you as possible to take the opportunity to view the Neighbourhood Plan. The chance to view, discuss and shape your local environment with your local representatives is a fairly new and welcome concept and one which everyone should seriously consider taking advantage of.

How can you view the Neighbourhood Plan?

On the 20th of April the Plan – including maps, together with an objection/comments form will be uploaded on to the Burntwood Town Council website. This is the date that the formal consultation begins – should this date slip for any reason we will let you know.

Once the consultation period begins we will issue a step by step guide explaining how you can record your comments about the plan.

On the 12th of May there will be a drop in event at both the Sankeys Corner Library and the Town Council offices at the former Miners College in Chasetown – there will be officers in attendance to explain the Neighbourhood Plan, answer any questions you may have and note your views and comments, which will then need to be recorded on-line.

On the 4th of June the consultation process will finish.

We are sure that Burntwood Town Council will actively promote this opportunity for everyone to have their say about this all important plan for our area but would ask you to please share this post with as many Burntwood residents that you can – suggest that they follow our Facebook page, or check out our website www.burntwoodactiongroup.co.uk or follow us on Twitter @BurntwoodAction

Many thanks for your support.

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