Having previously attended and observed the majority of the government inspectors examinations of LDC development plans over the past 7 working days, Burntwood Action Group & Hammerwich Action Group formally took our appointed places yesterday to answer any questions in regard to the documentary evidence we have previously submitted to the inspector.
A summary of our evidence would show that we accept the fact that Burntwood has to accommodate additional housing in the in future, however it is our contention that previously identified brownfield sites should be fully developed before any Green Belt is released.
During the session devoted to development plans specifically for Burntwood we were able to draw the inspector’s attention to the number of ‘windfall’ houses that have been built in our area since the inception of the Local Plan Strategy. These ‘windfall’ houses (houses typically built in back gardens) amount to 219 dwellings, which is 30% above the number of new houses which are allocated to be built in Burntwood during the plan period. We are hopeful that these unplanned additional houses will help to persuade the inspector that our Green Belt can be preserved, at least in the near to medium term.
The inspector also noted the opposition in Burntwood to further building on Green Belt and was very well aware of the 4500 letters of objection that Burntwood & Hammerwich Action Groups had previously submitted to Lichfield District Council.
The inspector will now visit the areas in Burntwood that are proposed to be built on and will also take time to visit our Green Belt areas too. Once the examination process is complete the inspector will review all of the submissions, from LDC, developers, land owners and of course Burntwood Action Group & Hammerwich Action Group and will then provide his conclusion probably in the New Year.

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