Those of you have been following our posts in the last week will know that the green land around Burntwood and Hammerwich is under serious threat from developers who are pressing our councils to grant them permission to build significant numbers of new houses, which will further compromise the shortfall in services and facilities in this area.
You can show your support for our fight to save the Green Belt by buying a ‘ Save Our Green Belt’ sign from BAG and displaying it outside of your property. By showing your support you will be letting developers and council officials know that local residents are opposed to building of any more new houses without first seeing a huge improvement in the local infrastructure.
Our Green Belt signs (which are about the size of house for sale sign) cost a nominal £7.50 and can be collected from Tony Goodman at 5, Duke Road, Chase Terrace, or Vic Chamberlain at 35 Farewell Lane, Burntwood, or alternatively they can be collected from BAG representatives outside of the Co-operative store at Swan Island on the morning of Saturday 9th & Sunday10th March.
Please help us to save our Green Belt.

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