Burntwood Action Group Press Release 10/04/17

MP supports “common sense” plans for Burntwood

After seeing a presentation of Burntwood Action Group (BAG)’s plans for the regeneration of Burntwod, Michael Fabricant MP said he was “totally behind a proper plan for Burntwood” and “supportive of Burntwood Action Group (BAG)’s proposals.”

The plans have also been presented to Leaders of Burntwood Town Council and Leaders of the Labour Group and both Groups have indicated their complete support.


Background to BAG’s proposals:

  • The draft Neighbourhood Plan for Burntwood, does little more than mirror the Local Plan of Lichfield District Council (LDC), which now proposes to put 330 houses on Burntwood’s attractive Green Belt.
  • Despite these proposals receiving universal condemnation from Burntwood’s residents and Councillors LDC has insisted on carrying them forward into the current Consultation on its Local Plan Land Allocations document.
  • LDC’s Local Plan Strategy, published in 2012, proposed a new Burntwood Town Centre on land south west of Morrisons on Milestone Way. Despite that site being separated from the current Town Centre at Sankey’s Corner and no interest from developers in submitting plans for its regeneration, LDC insists on retaining it for a new town centre in its Strategy. The site has been hidden behind blue hoarding for many years.
  • Burntwood is the only part of Lichfield District which has regularly met LDC’s targets for new housing despite negligible investment in its infrastructure.


BAG’s proposals have been developed to satisfy four main criteria:

  • All proposals for new housing should contain plans for a large proportion of ‘affordable’ homes.
  • All redundant or dilapidated brownfield sites should be reclaimed for housing before Green Belt is considered.
  • Plans for the redevelopment of Burntwood Town Centre should be realistic and implementable in the foreseeable future.
  • Improvements to Burntwood’s infrastructure are needed to make up for many decades of neglect and should precede or accompany any further housing.


BAG also seeks to persuade LDC that, when all available brownfield sites within Burntwood have been exhausted, they  should look to non-Green Belt land in other parts of the District before planning to destroy more of Burntwood’s Green Belt.


Public Meeting: Wednesday 26th April 7:30 p.m. at St. Matthews Social Club, St Matthews Road:

BAG will present its plans to the public, Burntwood Town Councillors, representatives of Lichfield District Council and Staffordshire County Council and invited members of the press.


The presentation will be visual and will illustrate how, with a bit of imagination, cooperation and joined up thinking, all of these criteria can be met. It will show how:

  • a re-developed  town centre at Sankey’s Corner could be attractive and traffic free.
  • the regenerating of the Town Centre at Sankey’s Corner could release the ‘blue hoarding’ site for a much needed new health centre and affordable housing.
  • the Mount Road Industrial site could accommodate many more than the 96 homes, currently planned and suggest how landowners, leaseholders, planners and developers could be persuaded to work together.


Questions will be welcomed and BAG hopes that everyone will leave the meeting feeling confident that Burntwood can escape the dictates of Lichfield and take control of its own destiny.

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Michael Fabricant MP backs our call for a Better Burntwood, not Bigger.

Thank-you to everyone who has downloaded and printed the response form. Don’t forget, there is a real threat to these Green Belt areas, so do sign and return the resident response letter. Further details can be found here.

Today our plan to build a Better, not Bigger Burntwood, has received backing from Michael Fabricant. Speaking to our very own Peter Button and Lisa Farrington, Mr Fabricant was impressed with our plans to use brownfield sites, protect the greenbelt and help to shape a more successful Burntwood – rather than a much bigger one.

He stated that..

I very much welcomed the meeting with the groups – it was very constructive. I was very impressed with their holistic approach for the area taking into account housing needs, the need to preserve green belt, the use brownfield sites wherever possible, and the creation of a new shopping heart for Burntwood.

The action groups’ plans involve land swaps which could result in the redevelopment of Sankey’s Corner as a major new shopping heart combined with a new road which would enable the part of Cannock Road by the shopping area to be pedestrianised. In turn this would provide a link with the current commercial development planned immediately south of Cannock Road.

Their plans also involve moving the health centre for housing redevelopment and moving it closer to Morrisons. Most of the additional housing required for Burntwood would be provided on existing and disused industrial land.

Read the full report on Lichfield Live.

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